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1-2-3 do the Oz Oz Alice blink. Many things may be deduced from the diagrams which, it is preferable, should be studied silently rather than divulged openly in words.

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Cackling Charivari

22/06/2014, 12:05

Haha that sounds funny really. Midsummer night's nightmare. Fuck it you will be out of there before long. We have all done it. Hope you and Carol have made up if it started as a row before going properly loopy?

We played a gig last night on a farm Over Wyre. Kids and dogs running round, beautiful remote fields, we played two separate sets like the Grateful Dead would, one at ten o'clock while still twilight then an hour later after dark and more drink...not cover versions or anything just our own stuff quite uncompromising...the woman whose fiftieth it was maybe thought she had booked a classic rock band haha!! It was all quite beautiful and dreamlike really.

Stoke on Trent gig with Bongoleeros next Saturday then the day after Kate and me are going on holiday to Minorca...she is a bit bonkers at the moment but not in a worrying way...Ging our drummer is also hearing voices constantly....2014 is pretty weird all in all

I Like Cock

Mon 17/08/15, 01:31

It may be a while since you have been to Todmorden - it is now the new Hebden and stuffed full of beardy young men and sexually confused young ladies, art galleries and vegan cafes and the like. It's alright I suppose, would drive me crackers living there.

Happy anniversary. Kate and me are fifteen years in January, not married but seeming ball and chain haha.

I told Xxxxxx that when she posted a picture supposedly showing her nervous skin rash I was just looking at her tits and hips. She then said that the black metal band had brought out her own inner misogyny. Don't you like women I said. I like cock, she said. Well it was sounding good. Then Kate came back from the bogs and the hussy scarpered quicksmart! Maybe she was worried about maraca insertion.

So many nutcases there actually - music was shite but good times talking nonsense sat outside the church it was held in.

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